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Staffing Solutions

Our candidates stand out in the crowd 

Recruitment Process: 


Client Visit to assess job specification, personality profile, company goals and objectives and get a feel for the dynamics of your company

Sourcing of Candidates using the latest recruitment methods for locating the most talented job seekers and searching our current database

Registration process is a face to face and thorough interview and assessment with competency questions based on the suitability for the position

Reference Checks can be completed upon request from client

Shortlisting of suitable candidates will be presented and interviews arranged

Offer Letter will be sent out to the successful candidate

Regret Letters will be sent out to unsuccessful candidates with constructive feedback

Customer Care Program is ongoing with the client and the candidate throughout the recruitment cycle


Direct Hire Non Exclusivity - This is where our agency is chosen amongst other agencies to work on the same vacancy We ensure that our candidates selected are not duplicated with other agencies as each candidate goes through a rigorous registration process.


Direct Hire Exclusivity - This is where our agency exclusively deals with your vacancy.  Normally a reduced fee will be discussed.  The advantages will be you only deal with one single source which is more communication effective and reduces your time.  You will only receive a few selected, qualified candidates at shortlisting stage from us and not be overwhelmed with duplication of phone calls, resumes and sometimes information misunderstandings from other multiple agencies.


Conducting Interviews within the Direct Hire Process - Within our recruitment solutions we are happy to assist interviewing the candidates with you or just being present.  This is not normal practice for agencies, however in the past we have found this helpful to our clients and our candidates.  The candidate relaxes more to see a familiar face and is able to show their full potential.  The client has a 2nd opinion and the support from a consultant who has been interviewing for years, whereas the client may not interview on a regular basis.   


Short Term Contracts - This is where the client can be unsure how long they need extra support and recruit a candidate for a minimum of 3 months.  This can then be extended.  The client payrolls the candidate and we pro rata the fee accordingly.


Managing Job Responses - At a competitive fixed rate we manage your job responses.  Most companies in today's climate receive 100's of resumes for every job requisition.  It is having the time to review, screen and select the best fit candidates within tight deadlines.  Our qualified consultants will deal with your responses within the set times you need and shortlist for interviews.   


Peak Demand Recruiting - This is when you have volume recruiting.  We will set up a campaign to attract the skilled candidates required and will continue replenishing the candidate database subject to demand.  This may also require assessments which can be designed specifically for the skills needed and completed at the registration stage.   


Assessment Days -  Assessment days are one of the most robust and effective ways to find out if someone is a good fit for a role.  It also gives the candidates a better sense of what is involved in the role they have applied for.  It is a chance for the client and us to see how the candidates behave in a range of realistic work-based situations.


The range of exercises may include: 
group discussions 
role plays 
business case studies 
written exercises 
psychometric tests


Redundancy Workshops - We will visit client site and individually help employees who are undergoing redundancy.  We will go through re-creating their resumes, discuss their individual strengths, how to capitalize on them in a practical way and maintaining their self-esteem.  This will enable them to effectively pursue new employment opportunities either through ourselves or through other means.













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