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Specialists in Digital Recruitment       UK:  +44 (0) 203 750 9898       USA:   +1 (561) 316 2863

About Us


Quantum Leap Recruitment Specialists has in-depth recruiting experience gained in some of the top recruiting companies internationally and work experience in many different industries and countries.  This enables us to be culturally aware and fully understand and appreciate the varying job roles and demands in a company.


We have a flair for seeing the whole picture whether you are a candidate or a client.  We have been placing the right people in the right jobs for years, we know we can do that, but we are also focused on making the recruitment journey one that our clients and candidates will want to come back to.  See some of our historic and present day client and candidate testimonials based on our services.


We want to bring back the key elements that makes long term business partnerships successful.  We listen, and our business is led with honesty and transparency.  Our approach is proactive and we pride ourselves on our levels of service and our client/candidate care program.


We have worked from small to medium sized organizations to large international corporations for many years and we have tailor made solutions to fit accordingly, within client budget.



  • To bring the listening and personalized service back to recruitment where honesty, transparency and excellence are just a few of the key elements of building up long term strategic relationships with our clients and long term career goals for our candidates



  • We provide tailor made solutions to each client whether it is just fast and effective resume processing or the full recruitment cycle
  • We have industry experience in all our specialized areas of recruiting giving us first-hand knowledge of your requirements
  • We provide an ongoing care program for candidates in order to retain them within our clients
  • Continual updates to clients of candidate talent pool
  • Highly competitive in the market place to match your budget


  • Friendly, honest and professional in our approach
  • Transparent in our services and work in partnership ensuring business needs are met by use of best practice.
  • Not just reactive but proactive with our candidates
  • Understanding the high levels of expectation having been the client and candidate
  • Continuous improvement plans
  • Targets are not based on sales but on service level agreements to ensure the client and candidate receive 100% service
  • Diversity in the workplace
  • Confidentiality



  • In-depth recruitment registration process with our candidates
  • In-depth knowledge of clients working ethics, skills required and personality fit within the company
  • We complete quarterly service level reviews with our clients and candidates



  • We have years of recruitment experience with a high success rate of matching the right candidate to the right job at the right time
  • Recruitment qualifications and memberships attained
  • Award winning achievements over 20 years within the Recruitment Industry
  • Our client and candidate referrals 


Feel free to emailINFO@QUANTUMLEAP-RECRUITMENT.COM for more information. Otherwise, you can click the button below to find phone numbers to reach us or a contact form. 


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